stoic, serious, compassionate, conservative. brad colbert meets batman? The Seeker: Year One chronicle!


meticulously hygenic kobold in heavy armor, wearing the helm and colors of the Fortunato seignor city guard


Seeker has long-term amnesia: he doesn’t remember anything before waking up in the alleys. Gangs of kobolds, fodder against old destitute beggars and street/sewer urchins of Waterdeep, so his clearest early memories are being found and drafted. he is immediately and (for kobolds) utterly, inexplicably horrified at the prospect of murdering the old and the children for the Beggars’ Guild, and he murdered them up good. this pleases a local thieve’s guild, who beguiles the still-naive seeker into rich-to-poor purse snatching. he is bigger and stronger than any other kobold in the sewer, and they all try to jump him, but he has the backup of the thieves’ guild and he’s ninja Conan, but the thieves’ guild leader betrays him, and murders his friends. seeker follows his freakin’ weird for a kobold instincts and snitches, using the city guard to take the guild out. it’s a different city in a different universe though, so for reasons relating to seeker’s origin story he will be popped into an incredibly strange yet familiar city, and Rozchilde is going to find himself trapped in an alien city, desperate to get back to Waterdeep.


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